The Design of the Korean Heritage Room

The Korean Heritage Room is inspired by Myung-ryoon-dang, the Hall of Enlightenment, the main lecture hall of Sung-kyun-kwan, the Royal Academy which was built in 1603-1604 during King Sunjo's reign of the Joseon (Korea) Dynasty in the capital city, Seoul. The Academy was Korea’s foremost institution of higher learning and produced many elite scholars. The building remains a prominent historic monument.

Figure A

The painting (figure A) illustrates a commencement ceremony in the Sung-kyun-kwan lecture hall showing the entering students bowing to their head master while other students and the royal guests stand in the courtyard. Even today, the place is used for special ceremonial events. Thus the Korean Heritage Room is based on the historic Academic lecture hall (figure B)

Figure B

The Korean Heritage Room reflects the beauty and harmony of the lines provided by traditional wooden beams, pillars and ceilings (figures C & D). All the building materials, procured and crafted in Korea, will be assembled by Korean carpenters and painters who specialize in traditional Korean architecture.

Figure C

Figure D

While the room will focus on the ancient Korean architectural concept, the audiovisual aids will include state-of-the-art devices including a 82” Samsung interactive LCD monitor as well as free-standing desks and chairs to maximize the comfort and convenience for usage of laptops or notebooks.

The Korean Heritage Room construction is scheduled to occur in the summer of 2013 with dedication in 2014.

Sang C. Park