About the Korean Heritage Room

Welcome to the Korean Heritage Room.

Dear Korean Community members and Friends of Korea
As you may know, the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh is a unique historic landmark which receives the utmost admiration locally and is a major attraction for worldwide visitors.

The reason for the attention is not only because it is one of the tallest buildings among academic institutions in the world, but also because the Cathedral is home to 29 Nationality Rooms exhibiting their own cultural heritage using various modalities including historic renderings and artworks. The rooms serve as tangible, permanent “ambassadors” of the represented nations. Also the rooms function as classrooms in which current and future students are able to acquaint themselves with various cultures firsthand.

In 2007, the University of Pittsburgh approved the installation of the Korean Heritage Room (KHR), and our recently reorganized Korean Heritage Room Committee (KHRC) has been busily planning

Fund-raising for the KHR has been our most pressing task. An estimated cost of the entire project is $650,000. As of this writing in October 2012, we have secured about $400,000 from the generous contributions from the Korean community as well as the Korea Foundation and Poongsan Corporation of Korea. Additional grants are expected from Korea. However, we have to raise substantial amount of funds from the Korean community in Pittsburgh and throughout the United States.

In parallel to the fund-raising effort, we are planning to finalize the design of the KHR. Our Korean architect has been selected, and a reputable project management firm, Arumjigi, (Korean) Culture Keepers Foundation and two Korean architects have visited Pittsburgh in January 2012 and they are in the midst of concluding the final design process.

The timeline of our project requires that we complete our fund-raising by the end of 2012, finish construction of the room in 2013, and dedicate the room in 2014. This seems very ambitious, but it is possible if dedicated supporters like you continue to help with this meaningful project.

Let us crystallize our vision of the KHR in the Cathedral of Learning, so we can proudly show our nation’s 5000 years history and current prosperity of South Korea to the world!

Your generous support and interest are essential for this success and is deeply appreciated. Please visit the News and Contribution sections.

Best wishes and regards,

David Kim and Sang C. Park, Co-Chairs of KHRC