Your contribution is essential for the Korean Heritage Room program to continue to grow. Most important is your generous donation, which will help fund 1) the Nationality Rooms Scholarship for students who want to study abroad in South Korea and 2) various cultural activities the Korean Heritage Room Committee organizes to raise awareness of Korea’s rich cultural heritage around the world.

How to contribute

You can donate either by sending us a check or using your credit card on a secure donation website created by the University of Pittsburgh.


  1. For a check donation, make your check payable to University of Pittsburgh. Please, don’t forget to indicate the purpose of your donation by writing in the memo section Korean Heritage Scholarship for scholarship endowment and Korean Heritage General for other activities.
  2. Mail the check to:

Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Programs
1209 Cathedral of Learning
4200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Online Donation (Secure)

  1. For an online donation, click here. You will be directed to the donation page on the website of the Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Programs.
  2. On the page, you will be able to see the list of nationality room committees. For scholarship, select Korean Heritage Scholarship. For other activities, select Korean Heritage General. For membership dues, select Korean Heritage Com Dues in the separate box.
  3. Then, follow the instructions to complete the donation process.
Note: Your donation is fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE according to the IRS code and you will receive a letter of official acknowledgement from the University of Pittsburgh.