KHR Committee

KHR Committee

In the wake of the completion of the Korean Heritage Room in November 2015, a new Korean Heritage Room Committee was organized in 2016. A member of the Nationality Rooms and International Exchange Programs (NRIEP) at the University of Pittsburgh, it strives to fulfill the following missions:

  • Maintaining the Korean Heritage Room.
  • Establishing an endowment for a scholarship to support students who seeks to study abroad in South Korea.
  • Organizing academic and cultural events to raise awareness of Korean history and culture.
  • Participating in events of the NRIEP to promote intercultural exchanges.

Committee Members (2018 – Present)

Acting Chair: Seung-hwan Shin, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Treasurer: Son Young Bang, Korean language instructor, University of Pittsburgh

Former Committee(s)
Chair: Soyeon Lee, Principal, the Korean Language School in Pittsburgh
Treasurer: Seung-hwan Shin, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Secretary: Po La Rhee, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh